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Knowledge Base
This is the comprehensive repository where all information, documents, reports, tips an tricks on energy efficiency are compiled. An intuitive search engine helps the user to find information as quickly as possible with just a few clicks.

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START2ACT Challenge
Young SMEs can compete against each other to compare their efforts and success on energy efficiency at work.

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With this tool we enable young SMEs and startups to attend short modules that include useful tips and measures on how to master energy efficiency. Join, pause and restart anytime you want and reap the benefits of START2ACT online learning!

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Interactive social platform (Forum)
This platform will give you the opportunity to connect to other people from startups and young SMEs and exchange experience, thoughts, questions, answers, data and information around energy efficiency and START2ACT.

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Tip of the day
Love laptops. Get a laptop instead of a desktop – it consumesfive times less electricity.

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